Catering legal, competent
manpower seeking employment

Model Enterprises (P) Ltd., is a company that incorporated under the Foreign Employment Act 1985 of Nepal with License No. 342/059/060. The primary objective of this company is to cater the competent manpower seeking foreign employment within the legitimate scope as per the requirement of foreign companies for the optimum benefit of both the parties...


Required Policy

  1. On receipt of Demand letter and Power of Attorney from our principal, we shall first locate the most suitable and experienced personnel from the Applications / Bio-Data which are registered with us for every type of trade. These Applications/Bio-Data are to be collected by us through different sources. If sufficient numbers of required personnel are not found in registration, then we advertise in the National Newspapers for the required persons. On receipt of the Applications / Bio-Data we scrutinize those and select the best possible candidates strictly in accordance with the requirements of our principal.
  2. For our further satisfaction about the merits of the potential candidates, after scrutinizing the applications / Bio-Data, we call the candidates for interview and practical Trade Test to appear before our Selection Committee who consider cases on the basis of merit and practical experiences.
  3. After final scrutiny made by us, we send the particulars of passports along with applications / Bio-Data of those selected personnel to the respective employers for their final selection to arrange Visas / NOCs and complete other formalities.
  4. Before the candidates are nominated for employment we send them for medical examination to insure their physical fitness for overseas employment to the Doctors/Hospitals as specified by the Embassy or to Doctor meeting the standard of Health check-up required for overseas jobs. We furnish medical examination reports duly signed by the Doctor for each candidate.
  5. On completion of all the foregoing formalities, we provide the standard foreign employment agreement approved by our principal for signature by the candidates.
  6. On completion of all the foregoing formalities, we book their seats on the first available flight or as required and send message to the principal advising them the date and flight number by which the candidates shall be flying to their Zone of operation. Normal procedure for all the above formalities may take around 30-45 days. Meantime, considering workers safety, harmony & comfortable traveling we conduct orientation classes on climate, culture, managerial behaviour and other aspects of the host country that may in need of workers during traveling up to joining the company.